Hello, and thank you for visiting my website!

Those who know me well would say that I love to organize (and some may even go as far to say that I’m obsessed), but I am also a Christian who loves Jesus, a wife who loves her husband, a Siggson who loves her family, and a Tharp who loves her in-laws. I have been blessed with absolutely amazing people in my life, including wonderful friends and church family.

I am proud to be a native San Diegan and consider myself very lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful part of Southern California. I currently reside in charming Carlsbad with my husband, and am enjoying being a newlywed!

I decided to become a Professional Organizer when I realized how many people need help with organization. I have always enjoyed helping people, coupled with the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the completion of a “project”. With nearly every job I’ve held, I’ve provided extraordinary Customer Service and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to organize. I’ve demonstrated both skills in a wide range of work environments (preschool, office, home-based businesses, etc.). However, these skills became most evident during my 10 years in Retail Management, giving me plenty of these “opportunities” to help. Organizing stockrooms, cupboards, cabinets, shelves, and visual displays all fostered my ability to organize well. I also found myself assisting family and friends with their organizational needs, and it wasn’t long before I knew that organizing was my passion, and that I wanted to make a career out of it.


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